What to Do When You Sell Breast Milk Online

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What to Do When You Sell Breast Milk Online

As of now, there are currently no federal or state laws in place prohibiting the sale or purchase of human breast milk for infants. However, many women do still want to be careful about what they are purchasing. Unfortunately, many women make the common mistake of thinking that it is okay to sell their own breast milk to another woman, and then expect the same sort of profits from the sale as well. As a parent, you should always be careful about what you purchase for your infant, no matter how much you insist on the use of safe practices when feeding your child from another source.

Some of the major mistakes made by mothers who sell breast milk to other women are going through the expense of professional screening, which can be quite costly. A professional screening can include things like skin testing, to determine if there is an allergy to formula, genetic testing, or even mammography. A lot of these types of tests can be rather invasive and expensive for moms-to-be, especially when dealing with large volumes of data. Plus, some of these tests do not even completely indicate if there may be an issue with your infant’s milk supply! It is best for moms to get their babies’ shots before putting any of their own milk into the cup. The health risks far outweigh the small cost of getting professional help for screening.

Another big mistake some mothers make when selling breast milk to other mothers is letting their newborns travel with formula. Most of the leading brands in the country do not recommend that babies travel with formula. This is because it can sometimes be a risk to infants, as it can be a cause of various gastrointestinal infections. It is best for new mothers to let their babies sleep with a bottle of breast or formula milk at night, to minimize any risk of infection. It is also important for new mothers to avoid the travel mileage associated with feeding babies formula through air or other means, to reduce the risk of introducing infectious diseases into their baby’s system.

A final common mistake new mothers make when selling breast milk to other new mothers is using too small of a container. If you are going to sell breast milk to another mom, you are going to need a minimum of a quart-size bottle. No one should ever be offered less than a quart size bottle of formula. If you are offered something smaller than this, it is likely that the business is looking to defraud you. Always remember to provide samples, so that the new mom can judge the consistency, texture, and taste of the formula. There should be no problem with giving a sample to the other mother; however, it is always wise to request the sample in a labeled jar.

It can be very helpful to have a few different options for when you decide to sell your breast milk. If you know the website where you’re selling the milk, then you may want to check to see if they have a Milk Bank available. The Milk Bank is a convenient way for new moms to store their own personal supply of breast milk, which they can then give to a family member who might be in need of it.

If you feel uncomfortable offering your own personal supply of formula, then there are other ways to sell it on the internet. Some companies will actually ship it directly to another buyer. Others will simply allow you to list the product for sale online, and then have a minimum order quantity. Regardless of which option you choose, it is important that you at least take the time to learn the process and learn what you need to do in order to sell breast milk online.