Real Time Closed Captions

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Real Time Closed Captions

For those interested in making their own living from home, there is a great opportunity to make money by working as a transcriber with one of the many closed captioning jobs available on the internet. A few years back, this industry was almost entirely restricted to newsrooms that had closed captioning capabilities; today, however, the internet has made it possible for virtually anyone to establish their own business in this lucrative and growing field. This profession includes transcribing phone conversations for people who may not be able to hear clearly. Simply put, closed captioning is essentially a form of telecasting where typists manually transcribe live media including video, television or radio broadcasts for the deaf or hard of hearing. There are basically two kinds of closed captioning jobs available:

Real-Time Closed captioning: As the name implies, real-time closed captioning refers to those who transcribe live audio streams including video. To do this job, the transcriber must have knowledge of specific locations where only a few words can be uttered clearly. The first step towards accomplishing this is acquiring a voice recognition software program that can recognize the spoken words in order to produce closed caption files. Once you have this software, you will be able to transcribe online without any trouble. There is no need to purchase special equipment and the initial investment involved is low.

Home Data Entry Jobs: Just like real-time closed captioning jobs, there are also data entry jobs that can be done at home. These include data entry from typing letters, mailing letters and data entry from various forms of computer-generated work, such as photos and drawings. Although data entry jobs do require sufficient knowledge of specific words, there is no special training needed for this job. You can easily learn the basic skills and pass an online test to become qualified. With the increasing numbers of data entry jobs, the demand for transcription jobs has also grown rapidly.

Home Data Entry Jobs: Similar to transcription jobs, data entry from typing letters is also done by a transcriber who has received training. The primary difference is that a data entry from typing letters is done only when the transcriber needs to type large letters. There is no need to transcribe each and every letter; however, one must still possess good typing skills. The job of real-time closed captioning professional is not limited to data entry jobs alone. They are also required to transcribe news, interviews, seminars, meetings, conferences, teleconferences, radio shows, seminars, teleplay scripts, novels, screenplays and other audio and visual media files.

Transcription Services: Many large organizations, educational institutes, libraries, hospitals, recording studios, radio channels etc use closed captioning services to convey their messages in a clear and audible format. A professional transcribber can do the transcribing job very quickly as compared to the regular transcriptionists who need several days to finish the same project. Closed captioning professionals charge less money compared to the other transcription jobs. You can even get a job as a home based closed captioning transcriptionist from your home if you have a modicum of computer knowledge and you have a love for this profession.

You can also opt to work on your own as a closed captioning professional. However, this job may not pay as well as the jobs that are available on Internet. A number of small companies and even individuals offer a real-time closed captioning service through the Internet. However, you must be able to produce high-quality output to earn good revenue. You can make some money by becoming an affiliate of websites that offer real-time closed captioning services. This will help you save on your business expenditures and will also help you save on your time so that you can focus on your real-time career.