Adidas Golf Shoes – Comfort, Performance And Style

adidas golf shoes

Adidas Golf Shoes – Comfort, Performance And Style

Adidas Golf shoes are one of the most popular brands in golfing today. Adidas may not be a big name, but admit it: it s a big brand house. Adidas has significant golf footwear market share and cranks up competition in virtually all golf equipment available.

Adidas has recently released two new models that have taken the performance stakes to a new level, with a further push for greater comfort. The new Adidas Adizero CF and Adidas Adizero XT deserve a closer look. Both models feature lightweight, rigid carbon fibre uppers, a revolutionary midsole called Powerlock, a hybrid rubber outer sole and an aggressive design. The three-layer, reinforced Adidas Adizero CF has been designed to meet high levels of comfort, thanks to its patented Powerlock midsole. This allows the high levels of support and cushioning typical of high-performance Adidas footwear to be brought to bear, without compromising rigidity.

As well as boasting some high levels of comfort, the new Adidas Adizero CF also benefits from the latest ‘powermesh’ technology. The innovative three layers of materials mean that more material can be fitted more easily and comfortably, and that any wear and tear on the soles are reduced. As well as this, the bright orange and yellow colour choices on offer are more adventurous than ever. This highlights the brighter colours of the new Adidas shoes as they are more adventurous, bolder and, simply, much better looking than the traditional black and white options.

As with most new Adidas products, the Adidas Adizero CF is built around the concept of comfort and durability. However, the adiwear uppers are lighter and more flexible, creating a more cushioned feel on the feet when worn. Along with this, the outsole on the Adidas Adizero CF is made from the toughest rubber available and combined with the revolutionary Dash system, the Adidas Adizero CF is even harder to damage. Made to measure for a demanding golf course, the high performance Adidas Adizero CF is constructed to last. Designed with a fit that complements your foot and a range of attractive colour options, the Adidas Adizero CF makes a fine investment in any golfer’s wardrobe.

With modern technology and materials, Adidas have lifted their design game to another level with their newest addition to the range of Adidas golf shoes – the Adizero Lite. Unlike many of the traditional golf shoes, the adiwear lites use a synthetic and comfortable, natural leather upper and sole. This construction means that these golf shoes have the comfort and support you would expect from an Adidas product, combined with superior traction and lightweight construction. Combined with lightweight uppers, the natural leather used by Adidas ensures that this pair of shoes will stay in top condition for years. The outsole, again, is designed to suit the demands of golfing, with the surface offering grip and durability.

The standard Adidas Adizero CF has all of the above features and is also available in a version called the Boost. Boost is an option which offers enhanced stability and weight distribution, as well as improved shock absorption. As well as being lighter and more flexible, Adidas has improved the performance of their Adidas golf shoes by including high performance synthetic leather in their design, as well as using a rubber outsole.